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Sprout Small Producer Award

The Sprout Small Producer of the Year Award is an annual award, nominated by you, the local community to recognise and award a farmer in Tasmania who you think is doing a great job at ‘Growing Good’ in your local community.

This award is for a small farming business, producing either fresh fruit or vegetables, meat or eggs in an ethical, sustainable and small scale method in Tasmania. We look for farmers who contributes to and engages with their local community and the food community in Tasmania, strives to leave the land they are on in a better state than when it came to them, all while producing amazing food.

Nominations for the 2022 Small Producer of the Year are now closed!

Thank you for everyone that voted for your favourite small producer in 2022. We loved seeing everyone’s comments on who they wanted to see win the award and why, and are pleased to announce that the winners for 2022 are… Fork It Farm!

Daniel and Kim Croker are two of the most hard-working and passionate people we know. Together with Kim’s parents, Nan, sister Abbey and her husband Rich, they help make up the team at Fork It Farm.

Daniel and Kim are foremost farmers, meatsmiths and artisan producers. They raise Heritage Berkshire pigs naturally on pasture, leading to happy pigs with snouts in the dirt, wallowing in the mud and consuming a diverse diet. The farm, based on 44 hectares in Lebrina, a peaceful township in Tasmania’s East Tamar Valley, is also home to sheep, cattle, poultry, bees, orchards and a kitchen garden.

The farming methods and beliefs they use, from grazing rotations to slaughter, preserve and protect the land they live on and respect the animals they raise from birth. The meat from these animals is then turned into small-batch artisan products that are hand crafted themselves, at the on-farm butchery.
Their processes and products are curated to bring out the best in every cut of the animal, whether it’s hot smoked bacon or the humble jowl – each element and ingredient is important and out of respect to their animals, Kim and Dan give each piece of meat the time and respect it deserves.

Fork It Farm also offer authentic paddock to plate food experiences, from paddock picnics to long table feasts, as well as farm stay accommodation, and are passionate about all things Tasmania. They love to feature it’s produce to create uniquely Tasmanian flavour combinations, and are committed to generating a strong and resilient local food system, demonstrated by all their hard work in driving the Tasmanian Produce Collective, an online produce shop owned and operated by ethical and sustainable Tasmanian producers.

Congratulations to Daniel and Kim, and the whole team at Fork It Farm!