Fork to fork news

We have some great Spring produce available on our Fork to Fork website at the moment.

If you are an individual and keen to purchase through our site, then perhaps consider getting a group of friends together and put in an order for everyone.


Tarkine Edge Pork

An amazing range of pork cuts - belly, ribs, fillets, shoulder and more! At Tarkine Edge Farm, Paul and Belinda use no chemicals at all, no antibiotics, no dips, no sprays, just pigs digging up roots and having a diverse diet with lots of space to roam. Makes for some of the best tasting pork you could imagine!


Petcheys Bay Organic Farm - Apples

Ruth and Darren at Petcheys Bay Organic Farm are so passionate about their apples! They are excited to share with you the two varieties available at the moment. 

Red Splendour Heritage - they get better with age, like all of us! $49/14kg box.  We were lucky enough to enjoy these across the 2 days of our recent Cross Pollinate event and they were delicious!!

Red Fuji - there are only about 10 boxes left of these, so put your order in now. $49/14kg box.


Stock your pantry

Check out our Tassie produce that can make your pantry sing!


Honey from Wellington Apiary




Awesome nibbles fromHealthy Treats by Mrs Rees




Tea from Dry Ideas



Pickles from Cindy Johns


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