Fork to Fork update

By Nysha Munro & Erika Avellaneda Celis, Fork to Fork Project managers

Fork to Fork


Well it has now been over a month since we exceeded our crowdfunding goal, raising $30 000 for Fork to Fork!  Since then the Fork to Fork team, Erika and Nysha, have been very busy working to make the project a reality.

For those of you who don’t know already, Fork to Fork is another way that Sprout aims to support local farmers in Tasmania; by developing an online marketplace that connects producers directly with customers. Producers will be able to post produce for sale, and businesses will be able to browse the producer’s online stall, as well as purchase from multiple vendors with one payment. Payment and invoicing will be taken care of so that the farmer has more time to focus on what they do best, growing great food!


Erika (L) and Nysha (R) on a wet and windy day after visiting producers at the Bream Creek Market.

We have been lucky enough to recently recruit two very passionate Fork to Fork ambassadors, Jasper Brown and Mitch Thiessen. Jasper, through the University of Tasmania, will be doing a research project on the economic sustainability of food systems in Tasmania and the use of new technologies to facilitate growth; his research will help give us additional insights into how to make the Fork to Fork project a roaring success. Mitch is a Hobart chef with many connections in the hospitality and agriculture sector, so he will be assisting with strengthening outreach opportunities.

Now that you are up to date with the concept and team, here is where the project is currently up to…

The Fork to Fork website is approximately 6-7 weeks away from completion. Over the past month the focus has been on consultation and we have spent a lot of time talking with producers and consumers about what they want from an online platform. This has been an enlightening time, which has helped us get a good overview of what is required from producers and consumers.

Now we are ready to recruit some producers for the pilot stage of the project. We will be limiting the number of producers in the pilot stage of the project, so that we can easily track what is moving through the website, easily identify any challenges & adapt where needed.

The current goal is therefore to find very passionate producers, committed to seeing this project succeed. Once we have found these wonderful people, we will set about making beautiful online profiles; with photos of them, their produce & farms and information on how they grow their produce. This information will then be ready to pop on the Fork to Fork website once completed! Sound like a plan?

Thanks to all those that pledged money to Fork to Fork; be rest assured it is being spent wisely. We look forward to keeping you up to date as we embark on this journey together to a fairer and more prosperous local food system.

Nysha and Erika


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