Mount Arthur Garlic

Name - Darren and Bronte Adey

Location - Lilydale, Tasmania

Size of land - 8 acres

Crops - Six varieties of garlic, globe artichokes, baby fennel, leek, shallots, asparagus, flat beans

Bronte and Darren Adey, owners of Mount Arthur Garlic moved to Tasmania a couple of years ago to pursue their dream. Their farm is 8 acres situated at the base of Mount Arthur. It was originally an apple orchard and then a dairy farm until 1960 and now a garlic and vegetable farm. The soil is fertile deep loam and annual rainfall averages 1200 mm. The cool temperate climate provides a long, slow growing season and intensifies the flavour of their garlic.


By keeping our area under production small we can focus on quality rather than quantity.

Our philosophy is to nurture the soil and keep it ‘alive’. We aim to create a natural ecosystem to nourish the soil that will in turn produce healthy and prolific crops. We follow organic farming methods so no chemical sprays or synthetic fertilisers are used. Our soil is enriched with compost, animal manures and seaweed extract. Even the mulch we use is grown on our farm so we know that is organic too. We rotate our fields and our Australorp chickens readily clean up any bugs and insects prior to a new crop and after harvest.

With a greater public awareness and demand for fresh, healthy produce we strive to deliver the best organic produce we can grow in a sustainable and ethical environment.


We have been farming for one year and with the support from the Sprout Producer Program we have been inspired to develop and grow the business with ideas for future profitable crops.We are increasing our seed stock of early, mid and late season  garlic varieties to provide a longer season for local garlic and therefore less need for inferior imported products.

Our future goals are to work full time on our farm and develop plans for agritourism – a farm stay B&B and Paddock to Plate gourmet food experience. We are in the process of planting a potager style vegetable and berry patch that will be available for guests to harvest.

We strive to have fun (even when weeding), never stop learning, only make mistakes once and remember the motto “life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”