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Meet a Sprout volunteer - David Day


Our GM, Jen Robinson spoke to David about his connection with Sprout and why he continues to be a part of the Sprout volunteer team. 

How did you come to be involved in Sprout?

I don't recall originally, but I became aware of Sprout, started receiving the newsletters and it went from there really.

Why Sprout?

It's not just an interest in Sprout, but an interest in the individual enterprises that are supported by Sprout.  It was the underlying thing that got me interested, and I love doing this and have a real passion for it. 

I am Tasmanian, left for work in the 1980's and have always had the thought of coming back, and five years ago that happened.  Being back, I have moved to a new stage in my professional career where I could give back to the Tasmanian community and economy.  

Who is David Day?

Professionally, I have finally retired as a management consultant for the last 20 years. Now I have shifted purpose!! I have a couple of board roles and mentoring through Sprout, as well as a bit of advisory work. I want to continue to do things that use my professional skills, to help other organisations to be successful. A bit more reliable time on the bike will be good, and a bit more running, the garden, the continual battle with the wildlife about who gets to eat what we grow.  (Cheese making?) Yes, more cheese making...I would like to now understand the process a bit more and start to develop my own style.

What stands out for you in your Sprout experience?

I love the sheer variety of what people are doing. Part of it is that I know nothing about their field, the learning, seeing their passion, but the other part is applying my own skills to their business...gives a great sense of satisfaction.

What would you say to anyone thinking of volunteering for any organisation like Sprout?

It's deeply rewarding to be able to give something back, and see it making a difference in some way.

Sprout Small Producer of the Year award - following up with Long Name Farm

Phil and Selina from Long Name Farm were the recipients of the Sprout Small Producer Award for 2017.  This award is a community nominated award, meaning anyone can nominate a local producer they think is 'Growing Good' in their local community and making a real contribution to farming, the environment and our food culture here in Tassie.

We chatted to Phil recently to see how things are going on farm since we saw them at the 2017 Cross Pollinate evening.  

"Business is going really well, we decided to take up a stall at the Hobart based Farm Gate Market, twice a month, and this has been fantastic.  We've met some great customers, including some local chefs and we are now supplying some new restaurants around Hobart and the East Coast, including Saffire. We are doing more of our own butchering on site and have more refrigeration space.  We have maintained our number of sows, and the feedback from customers is really promising.  We are hoping to grow more herbs and vegetables in the next spring/summer season to include as part of our offering."

Sounds fantastic Phil and Selina - nice work!


You can find them with their free range pork products at the Farm Gate Market in Hobart on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month.  

Produce you could grow for local chefs!

Federal Group Chefs have sent us a wish list, of produce they would LOVE to buy locally!  The Chefs from Old Wharf Restaurant, Landscape, Peacock and Jones and Saffire Freycinet, came together on a farm and met with local Sprout producers to learn about what they grow and why they farm.  There was good discussion and great learnings on both the hospitality and agricultural side of the table. 


Post this event, the Chefs put together a list of produce they would like to source from local growers, including some of these; 

NZ yams / oxalis bulbs
Eggplants – all types
Edible flower
Broad beans
Red orach
Castello franco

If you are interested in connecting with the Federal Group team about their extended wish list, then touch base with Jen Robinson at [email protected]

Reminder! Have your voice heard – Help shape Tasmania’s agrifood future


Tasmanian farmers, and food and beverage manufacturers (and their employees)are invited to participate in the TasAgFuture survey. It’s part of a Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) project.

Your input will help TIA better support Tasmania’s diverse agrifood businesses. TIA is keen to hear from everyone in the sector, including those voices that sometimes get missed.

By participating, you’ll get a personalised report that compares your responses with those of your peers, and you’ll have the chance to winone of three iPads. 

The TasAgFuture project is asking those directly involved in the agriculture and food sector: What big factors are influencing your business decisions, now and into the future?  The project will help shape the future of Tasmania's research, development and extension(RD&E) and inform policy.

By taking the survey, you are helping TIA better support the goals of Tasmania’s farmers and manufacturers of food and beverages.


Dr_Peat_Leith_talking_with_grower.jpg  TasAgFuture_Logo_Transparent.png    TIA_logo_(2).jpg

The survey closes at the end of August 2018! More information about the project, including contact details, are available at utas.edu.au/tia/tasagfuture.

Project updates are posted on Facebook and Twitter using #TasAgFuture (just type #TasAgFuture in the Search bar).

Export ready vegetable growers project


Are you a vegetable grower and want to know more about exporting or guidance in determining whether an export market may provide new opportunities? The Vegetable Export Facilitation Project is being offered to growers by Hort Innovation, and may be of great assistance to you in determining viable options in this space.

As the Project’s Tasmanian Export Facilitator, Ian Locke's role is to provide and deliver resources and extension support to vegetable growers to become export ready. In addition to this support, the Project will also provide funding to assist eligible export ready vegetable growers in preparing export plans for their businesses.

CLICK HERE to download the flyer.


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