Our volunteers

Sprout would not exist if it wasn't for our team of dedicated volunteers. The volunteers are involved in fundraising, advocacy, awareness campaigns, the Sprout Producers Program, Fork to Fork and the Cross Pollinate Conference. If you are interested in volunteering with Sprout, please click here

  • Cameron Johns (Eat Well Tas & Board Member of Sprout)
  • Ian Locke (Board Member of Sprout)
  • Simon Townsend (Business Consultant at 4 Business and Community)
  • David Day (Management Consultant)
  • Courtney Drew (The Picnic Basket)
  • Claire Burnet (147 East Principal)
  • Roger Hanson (The Mercury and Tasmanian Country journalist)
  • Hannah Martin (Federal Group & Board Member of Sprout)
  • Tony Scherer (Rocky Top Farm & Board Member of Sprout)
  • Amanda Woollams (Board Member of Sprout)
  • Jackie Schapel (Domaine Simha)
  • Heather Forrest (University of Tasmania)
  • Emma Davis (Society Salamanca)
  • Alice Percy (Board Member of Sprout)
  • Natalie Hayes
  • Bel Bird (Proprietor Pharmacist at New Norfolk Guardian Pharmacy & Co-founder of Big River Grower's Market)
  • Nicholas Tabart (NASAA Officer)
  • Simon Allston
  • Roger Martyn (Nutrifort - Biological Agronomist)
  • Johnny Herrick (Photographer)