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How life in Tasmania works so well

Article by: Brett Charlton,  Chairman - Tasmanian Logistics Committee


I could write this article about the confidence in Tasmania on the back of the expanded Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme for exports, or the opportunity to expand our markets on using the underutilised space on our north bound aircraft, or maybe the confidence in growth in our trade shown by the largest shipping line in the world committing to calling Bell Bay in 2017. I could also go into the increase in capacity on Bass Strait with the new vessel from Searoad as well as commitment from Toll to launch two new vessels in 2018. I could talk about the new freighter aircraft calling directly into Hobart to move Tasmanian produce to China. I write articles like this all the time and you can read these on my Linked In page if you like or give me a call to chat about it. For Sprout though, if you will allow me, I would like to write something a bit different.

This is a little story about how life in Tasmania works so well. I often reflect about how in this day and age where birthday cards are replaced with Facebook acknowledgements, there still remains a network of likeminded people that whilst spend their day doing absolutely unique and individual things, are still banded together in the basic principle of community.

A colleague and I have decided to enter a rally to raise funds for cancer research. It is almost a cliché to work on a fund raising project these days, but both of my parents as well as the father of my “copilot” passed away because of this stupid disease and I have  been looking for a way to give something back to those people that are completely focused on finding a cure. It had to be something that was epic, fun as well as a mechanism to collect some serious coin. The Shitbox Rally ticked the box. The rules are quite simple – drive a car worth under A$1000.00 from Adelaide to Cairns via the Oodnadatta Track and The Plenty Highway. We have a ford econovan with no air conditioning, it is black and it has over 516,000KM’s on the clock – what could go wrong?  “42 Degrees South Baby” will be embarking on this adventure in May 2017 (see bottom of the article for ways to follow us or donate).

Seeing that our team name is “42 Degrees South Baby!”, it seemed a shame not to theme our vehicle as  a Tasmanian centric entry. Vaughn (that’s the name of our shitbox), has been “wrapped” with our logo (shape of Tasmania) as well as a Tasmanian devil on each side. This should have been enough, but when the word “epic” is in the brief, there are no boundaries to the absurd. FolkoKooper is a well-known metal sculptor based just out of Hobart – Oakwood is a wonderland of creation with metal giant eagles, sandstone and metal birdbaths, giant metal roses, metal cockatoos – the list goes on. I have known Folko and Maureen for many years and contacted him tongue in cheek with our story to see if he would be interested in sculpting a Tasmanian Devil on a surfboard for the roof of our shitbox. With a grin that radiated through the phone, Folko was keen to get on board (so to speak) and began working on “Errol” – our surfing Tasmanian devil that will accompany us on our journey and will be auctioned off to raise more funds for cancer research.

IMG_6173.jpg  IMG_6166.jpg  42_Degrees_South.png

 I recently came across a product in a store in Launceston called Meru Miso. If you have not tasted this yet, you are missing out. Chris and Meagan de Bono moved from Melbourne to Tasmania this year and bought with them their business, making the Japanese condiment, miso, using traditional techniques with organic and biodynamic Australian ingredients. I love it and it has become part of our cooking regime a few times a week. So when I was heading down to Hobart to catch up with Folko and have a look at the progress on “Errol” I grabbed a few jars of Meru Miso and gave them to Folko as a thank you for his kind contribution to our adventure.

A few weeks later I was planning another trip to Hobart and rang Folko to see if I could drop in to have another look at the progress of Errol. “Of course” was the answer, but…… both Folko and Maureen were in love with Meru Miso and could not find it in Hobart and asked if I could find some and bring it down. I rang Chis at Meru Miso and ordered a box to take down with me (after all, Folko was taking time out of his busy schedule to make a surfing devil to go across the desert – it was the least I could do!). When Chris dropped in he mentioned that he was just entering the Hobart market and would be travelling down to find some outlets the following week.

When I dropped off the miso to Maureen and Folko, they showed me a new project that is underway on the property (”Oakwood”). Out past the workshop, beside the orchard, back behind the vegetable garden, fishpond pool and chook palace (not fair to call it a house) was a sandstone and convict brick structure with antique church windows – the tomato house looks like a temple. The tomatoes that will be grown in here will be the luckiest tomatoes in existence. Folko and Maureen had a lunch to launch the tomato palace with many people from Hobart attending where they served the Meru Miso with Asparagus and edible soil which went down very well. They continue to sing its praises to all that will listen.

If it wasn’t for a love of new foods, a rally for cancer research, a crazy idea of a surfing devil, long established friendships as well as new established friendships, the opportunity for Meru Miso to get some excellent exposure in the Hobart market may not have come about. It is easy to pop a picture on Facebook and hope for the best, but physical communities are still vitally important in establishing markets. Whilst this is a local example, I am sure there are many stories like this around the planet. Bringing the article back to logistics, be comfortable and confident that our ability to reach markets is becoming more competitive and is reaching more areas on the planet than ever before in our history. So go out and make some new friends and introduce them to some old ones. You never know where it may lead!



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