The 2020 scholarship recipients are currently participating in their year long program, click here to meet them and see their beautiful farms. They have had to adapt to COVID restrictions and work in new ways to continue their farming success; through the Sprout Producer Program they have received ongoing support and mentoring to help them through this time. 

Hear from Past Participants

Lisa Britzman & David Peck – Campo de Flori (SPP 2017, graduate)

“We know we would have been lost without Sprout this year and they have helped to turn our farm around and we believe we have accomplished the goals we had in mind when we came to Sprout a year ago and that Campo de Flori may now have a bright future. Most importantly it has given us the confidence that we need to move forward.”


Hermione Hickling – Longley Organic Farm (SPP 2017, gradute)

“We have gained confidence, networks and skills to take our business to the next level!  Their (Sprout’s) model is highly effective; I think they are a much needed support for the small farm sector in Tasmania.”


Trish MacFarlane – Three Peaks Organics (SPP 2015, graduate)

“I want people to know how important Sprout and the Spout Producers Program is for small producers.  It gives us a voice (sometimes when we have lost our own) and the ability to build relationships with many different people across many different spectrums of business, from farming to accounting, soil, water, product diversification, markets, branding, etc.  It is the entire reason our farm is where it is today as it has pointed us in the right direction after having been completely pulled apart piece by piece on our field day (all those years ago) and to then be completely refocused and rebuilt.  If it was not for the ongoing support and guidance from Sprout that many of us have, we may well have closed our doors by now.”


Listen to some Sprout Producer Graduates talk about their experience...

Kirk Forrest from Forrest Flavours talks to Margot Kelly on the ABC Local Radio Country Hour. Listen at 48:30min. (2016 SPP Graduate)

Lucy Headlam from Headlam Farm (2015 SPP Graduate)