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Three Peaks Organics (Holwell, TAS)


(Picture thanks to: ACO)

The journey for Three Peaks Organics over the last year since finishing in the Sprout Producer Program, has been a roller coaster!

Trish MacFarlane and partner John have managed to steer their ship through some rough waters and have now emerged with incredible fruit quality and yield in their fresh blueberry crops (with the season just about to start) and an awesome value-added product after 8-10 months of planning and trials, which is soon to be available.

Three Peaks Organics (previously Fountain of Blues) has been through the certification process with ACO and at the end of last year received full organic certification.  During this year, Trish, John and their team have made some smart decisions about how to protect their crops, and thankfully, these steps have ensured limited loss during some of the worst storm and winds they have seen on their property, and also has protected them so far from the most recent outbreak of Blueberry Rust here in Tasmania.


Almost all of the produce from Three Peaks Organics is sold on the mainland and also to Hong Kong, but Trish decided this year to trial selling direct to customers as well, at the Launceston Harvest Market each weekend.  John and daughter Samantha were taking care of the stall, doing a great job talking to customers about their story and how they grow their blueberries. Trish recalled "I never forget the phone call I had from my daughter, at 10.30am on the second visit we had at the market, saying to me 'Mum, fill up the car with whatever blueberries you have picked and come down to the market...we've sold out already', and we continued to sell out each weekend, as people were loving the taste of our produce. It was so satisfying to see their faces when they got that incredible burst of flavour!"

Three Peaks Organics are working hard to expand their crop of blueberries, and continue to ensure their farm is sustainable and can also offer produce for more months of the year than just the single fresh blueberry season, so watch this space, as we will have some exciting news in the coming weeks.

So, for all those blueberry lovers out there, you will be able to buy Three Peaks Organics fresh blueberries at their stall at Harvest Market Launceston on Saturdays (8.30am—12.30pm at 71 Cimitiere Street) from around middle of January 2017! As for those of us in Hobart, we will have to wait and just never know what might happen!



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