We were overwhelmed by the support, the passion, the love and admiration shown in the nominations for the Sprout Small Producer of the Year for 2020. It is exciting to see the local community getting behind so many small-scale producers who work tirelessly and give back to their local communities with knowledge and great food. Thank you to everyone who nominated! There were so many deserving nominees, and we are exciting to announce the 7 finalists for 2020.....



Paulette - Provenance Growers

Provenance Growers is a market garden and edible plant nursery in lutrawita / Tasmania providing produce, edible plants and preserves to home cooks, chefs and gardeners. The health of the planet, communities and human health is at the heart of their work - using organic and regenerative principles, with no herbicides or pesticides. Their nursery is run with only salvaged plastic pots and work with customers to use returnable or compostable packaging.

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A comment from a passionate supporter:

"Dedicated to sustainability, beautiful chemical free produce, seed, seedlings and products from produce. Reuses containers has a no new plastic policy: family business. Heirloom and interesting plants, collects native seed locally to plant around property. Passionate about food, Tasmania, the environment. Inspiring woman."


Matt & Cor - Our Mates Farm

Our Mates’ Farm is a certified organic farm located in the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania.  Mat and Cor and their young family grow a large variety of eating and cider apples. They breed cattle and sheep and raise free range rare breed pigs on pasture and feed them apples. They are passionate about everything they produce, and enjoy showing people their farming system. The want to show people there is a better way to buy food, straight from the farm, where you know exactly how it is grown.

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A comment from a passionate supporter:

"From what I have seen on their farm, the animal husbandry and way they raise their pigs is second to none. Keeping them on pasture, in forest, in the orchard, incredibly low stocking densities. I’ve been incredibly impressed with their ethics, commitment, and just generally being great people to deal with."

Mike & Lauren

Mike & Lauren - Felds Farm

Two vibrant young chefs turned farmers - becoming primary producers of vegetables, fruit, eggs and bread was a natural progression for their passion to offer delicious, local food to the community. Supplying neighbours, local farmers markets and restaurants with a diverse range of healthy and sustainably grown produce, Felds Farm support the sustainable growth for their local community.

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A comment from a passionate supporter:

"This young couple are such hard working, good natured and enthusiastic chefs turned farmers. They really understand the needs of the industry which they supply and are now producing excellent food products in an ethical and sustainable way, as well as being wonderful representatives for small scale farming."


Fiona - Arundel Farm

Arundel Farm has been in the Hume family for over 185 years. Fiona now runs the farm and is passionate providing ethically farmed products including prime lambs, quality wool, heritage English leicester sheep. Fiona believes strongly in reinvesting back into the land to fortify the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem and her farming and commitment to her. Fiona's award winning produce is a true reflection of her passion, dedication and commitment to ethical, sustainable farming in the Tasmanian community.

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A comment from a passionate supporter:

"When we first met Fi in 2017, what she didn’t have in a way of a plan for her business she made up in enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and drive. Fast-forward to the present, she provides delicious lamb with a truly great story behind it and continues to inspire us from afar with those same qualities we witnessed all that time ago."

Kim & Dan - Fork It Farm

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As avid foodies and animal welfare advocates, creating Fork it Farm allowed Kim an Dan to produce and distribute nutritious, naturally grown food to friends, family and the community. They drive to be part of the shift in the way food is produced and consumed, believing local, ethical and sustainable farming benefits animals, consumers, farmers, communities, and the earth.

A comment from a passionate supporter:

"They work they're buts off! Don't know how they do it! Absolutely committed to ethical, good practices and doing as much as possible from scratch. They're social media is fantastic at helping educate consumers. As first generation farmers they've proven a fantastic business model and that it is entirely possible to achieve huge success in just a couple of years, although I think they deserve a holiday more than an award!!."


Jo - Bruny Island Market Garden

Bruny Island Market Garden is a beautiful organic market garden on a 10 acre farm on Bruny Island, Tasmania, owned and operate by Jo who is passionate about supporting her local community with knowledge and healthy locally grown produce. They supply organically grown and seasonal vegetables to the local community and anyone whom visits the island, along with nurturing and encouraging health and wellness and living a more holistic lifestyle in both life and living. 

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A comment from a passionate supporter:

"Jo works tirelessly and pretty much single handedly in an isolated location, avoiding chemicals and sprays and with no intention of ever taking a cent for herself. Her reward is feeding the people good, nutritious, organic food. She is gradually transforming sheep paddocks into food production space, and is also doing native regen in other areas of the farm with a focus on permaculture principles and biodiversity. She gives so much time to sharing her knowledge with people and refuses to charge for it. She's a dead set legend and a life long learner and teacher. We need more Jo's.."

Sulyn - Sulyns Garden

Sulyn's Garden is a tiny 1 acre urban farm, in South Hobart with 4 goats, 12 hens, a rooster, and Daisy, the famous cat! Sulyn's Garden is supported by her passion to grow and educate her local community in the small scale production of quality produce. Her drive encourages others and she is support by a host of passionate young growers keen to learn and share her knowledge and love of food.

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"For generous sharing of knowledge and experience; mentoring of young gardeners and interaction with a community of neighbours and the hospitality industry in general. A dedication to the production of the finest produce she is capable of and then passing on her love of small scale agriculture to everyone she comes in contact with. A true force of nature."





The winner will be announced at our Cross Pollinate Conference on 15 & 16 November 2020.


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