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"The old guard handing over to the new guard"

This time of year is so exciting for all of us here at Sprout, as we get to see our current cohort of Sprout Producer Program participants graduate, and at the same time, we induct the new cohort of producers ready to start a journey of their own.  This special day is fantastic, as all our producers begin to network, meet, chat, share stories, challenges and achievements from their time on the farm. 

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So, in a few days time, we will be hosting our Graduation/Induction day in Oatlands, where we will see the following producers graduate:

2017 Graduating Producers:

Guide Falls Farm - Rachel Jacka, Ridgley

Highmarsh Farm - Greg Herron, Jackeys Marsh

Longley Organic Farm - Hermione Hickling, Longley

Campo de Flori - Lisa Britzman and David Peck, Glen Huon

Lauriston Grove - Marco Linardi and Vicki Crichton, Hope Beach

It has been an incredible year, with many of our producers at varying stages in their business which has meant lots of shared knowledge and a huge variety of goals achieved throughout the year.

Greg has established some customers for his free range pork meat, and worked on his plan for an online presence and social media story telling...watch this 'Highmarsh' space! Rachel has finessed her operations and business plan, begun free range egg production for the first time, and started employing local people to support their work on farm and events. Hermione has discovered new customers and restaurants to sell their produce to, and launched a new business supplying tools and equipment for market gardeners in the state. Lisa and David have had a massive year where they launched selling saffron directly to customers, as well as producing a new product of culinary lavender with great success, they even had a photo of a bee in their saffron feature in the national magazine Organic Gardener. Marco and Vicki picked more olives than they ever have before, held an awesome picking event called Groove in the Grove (watch this space for another one in Jun/Jul this year), now selling their olive oil in many local grocers around Hobart as well as successfully launching their Marinated Table Olives product.

So, all in all, 2017 Sprout producers have done an incredible job, they are the ones that do all the hard work with Sprout by their side to guide them and help connect them with the right people to get their ideas in the ground, growing and to market. 

Congratulations to you all! We can't wait to celebrate with you in a few days time.

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So to the 'new guard' of 2018....

We welcome our next cohort of Sprout Producer Program participants:

Arundel - Fiona Hume, Macquarie Plains

Felds Farm - Michael Lamprey and Lauren Byrne, Bagdad

Forest Fungi - Will Borowski, Woodbridge

Freshfield Grove - Fiona Makowski, Richmond

Summerlea Farm - Elizabeth Mahnken, North Lilydale

Click here to go to our Sprout Producers page to find links to each of their stories and photos.

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Where you can find Sprout Producers and their produce...

Felds Farm - You can find their sourdough breads, other baked goods and any produce they have grown at the Bream Creek Farmers Market on the first Sunday of the every month, as part of the community stalls. Find Felds Farm on Instagram.

Freshfield Grove - you can find their extra virgin olive oil on the community stall at Richmond Village Market most Saturdays. Fiona also runs olive grove tours by appointment, so get in touch with them via their website.

Campo de Flori - Lisa and David have their farmgate open throughout the summer, Saturday 1-5pm and Sundays 10-4pm.  You can also find them at the new Willie Smiths Artisan and Producer market on Saturday mornings.  Campo de Flori are a boutique sustainable farm and they sell (seasonally of course) garlic, culinary lavender and saffron as well as incredible hand-made ceramics.

Longley Organic Farm - Vegie boxes, on farm yoga, market garden farming equipment and education and so much more...head over to the Longley Organic Farm website  to find out more, where you can also order online. Their farmgate is always open too at 1690 Huon Road, Longley, where you can find plants, produce, jams, honey and gardening products like worm castings and complete organic fertiliser.   

Three Peaks Organics - the most awesome blueberry products! Fresh blueberries at this time of year, as well as freeze dried berries and Blueberry Power (their newest product).  Find them at the Harvest Launceston farmers' market every Saturday. 

Lauriston Grove - you can find their Extra Virgin Olive Oil and marinated table olives at various local grocers (Hill Street, Salamanca Fresh, Lipscombe Larder) as well as on their website.  


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