Meet our Sprout Producer Program Participants for 2020

We are very excited to announce our 2020 cohort of the Sprout Producer Program. We have six amazing producers to introduce to you!

Rob Mather - Valley Fresh Farm 

Rob Mather has over 25 years experience in parks and natural area management working in both Sydney and Hobart.  In April 2019 he exchanged his management role at the City of Hobart for the challenge of establishing a chemical free market garden in the beautiful Huon Valley south of Hobart.  Years of being progressively more desk-bound were taking its toll, so instead of adopting a stand-up desk, Rob opted out of the desk entirely for a farming life. Read the full story here!

 Valley Fresh Farm Rob Mathers 

Bec Rumble & Paul Hallier - Lone Goose Farm

Meet Bec and Paul from Lone Goose Farm. New to Tasmania and to farming, they made the move (and giant leap of faith) because they’re passionate about sustainable, regenerative and ethical food production. Find out about their Muscovy Ducks and the story behind the name Long Goose Farm here.


Christine Bishop - Beaupre Farm

Chris, new to both Tasmania and farming is now focusing her energies away from a career in international health development to establishing a small Boer goat stud in Southern Tasmania which aims to produce high quality commercial goat meat for local markets.  As well as having some very cute, inquisitive and affectionate additions to the farm, her goats will be part of a broader weed eradication program which will use regenerative farming practices such as rotational grazing of mixed cover crops to restore the farm’s diverse and fragile ecosystems. Find out all about Beaupre Farm here.

 Christine Bishop - Beaupre Farm

Mac McGuinness & Oli Wichman - Huski Greens

At Huski Greens - they are all about living local! Located in Southern Tasmania, the power of community and the importance of knowing your farmer is what drives Mac & Oli to continue to grow and supply direct to the local community through farmers markets every weekend and sell direct to local cafes, restaurants and caterers. They are proud to say they do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides and believe in real organic growing techniques. Learn more about their passion for micro greens here!

Huski Greens

Sue Manning & Narelle Johnson - Bridgenorth Berries 

Susan and Narelle have been friends since the early 90's. In 2017 they both left their mainland lives and moved back to Tassie to their picturesque berry farm in Bridgenorth, near Launceston. So began the steep learning curve of improving and building up their berry business. Crops of boysenberries, youngberries, raspberries and blackberries are staggered over the growing season. This allows them to pace the picking and selling of their produce and enjoy meeting customers at local markets and at their shed door. Find out more about their berry products here.

Bridgenorth Berries

Rebecca Reed & Dylan Hall - Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes

Carrying on in her parents footsteps, Rebecca Reed and partner Dylan Hall, are proud and passionate about their produce. At Tasmanian Natural Garlic and Tomatoes, the standards are high and their philosophy is simple: "Don’t offer anything that we would not be delighted with ourselves". They devote many months of careful planning and preparation into delivering every one of their products through organic and biological means. Find out how many varieties of Tomatoes and Garlic they produce here.

Tas Natural Garlic and Tomatoes