Sprout Producer Program News

The Projects team were thrilled to hold an Induction Day, recently, to kick start the 2016 Sprout Producers on their year-long journey. The day was held at Sprout founder Tony Scherer's Pena property, Rocky Top Farm, and provided the group with an overview of the program, which includes a series of study units, mentoring, field days and business planning. 
The day was also an opportunity to hold an official graduation ceremony for our inaugural group of 2015 Producers, capping off a year of hard-work, professional development and personal discovery.
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It was a fantastic opportunity for the two groups to meet, share information about their projects and further grow Sprout's network of like-minded producers. The highlight was definitely lunch... well, at least it was for Sprout Projects Sub-committee Chair Hannah Martin! Each producer shared a plate of food that best showcased their product. And if lunch was anything to go by, these guys certainly know their stuff. 
The Projects team received some excellent feedback from the 2015 Producers, which will help refine and enhance the program in the future. And, thanks to a significant funding boost for the Sprout Producers Program, we're thrilled to be able to offer an additional five scholarships in 2017, bringing the total to 12. The Producers Program is a core function of Sprout Tasmania, providing a real opportunity to support small-scale, start-up producers to get their ideas into the ground and growing.
We can't wait to see how far our Sprout Producers will grow in 2016 and beyond!
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