Sprout Producers

Sprout Producers are local small and start-up Tasmanian producers who produce and sell ethical, great tasting food. They have been through a one year accreditation program with Sprout.


Sprout Producers use the Sprout stamp of approval. If you see the Sprout logo on produce in your local grocery store or restaurant menu then you can meet the farmer or see the farm on Sprout’s website and you know that the producer has been through a quality control program.

Look out for this logo!


Sprout Producers have access to mentoring from experts in the field of small business, value-adding, food quality, agriculture, horticulture, freight and logistics and more.

We are thrilled to welcome the 2018 cohort of Sprout Producer Scholarship recipients into the program.

2018 Scholarship Recipients in the Sprout Producers Program

Recipient Property Sponsor
Fiona Makowski Freshfield Grove Tasmanian Women in Agriculture
William Borowski Forest Fungi TQA Australia
Michael Layfield & Lauren Byrne Felds Farm TQA Australia
Elizabeth Mahnken Summerlea Farm Harvest Launceston
Fiona Hume Arundel Sprout donor



2017 Scholarship Recipients in the Sprout Producers Program

 Recipient Property Sponsor
Dave and Cassandra Rolph Deep End Farm

4 Business & Community


Greg Herron Highmarsh


Anonymous sponsor


Hermione Hickling Longley Organic Farm


TQA Australia


Lisa Britzman & David Peck Campo de Flori


TQA Australia


Marco Linardi & Vicki Crichton Lauriston Grove


TQA Australia


Rachel Jacka Guide Falls Farm

Tasmanian Women in Agriculture




2016 Scholarship Recipients in the Sprout Producers Program 

Recipient Property Sponsor
Christine Mann Glendale Olives




Jo Smith Primal Living

Rocky Top Farm



Deanne de Leeuw

& Mark Massie

Aurora Farm

Bruny Island Cheese


Cheryl Gamble &

Kirk Forrest

Forrest Flavours

4 Business & Community


Justin Merriel Develop the Green

Hill Street Grocer


Adele & Noel Amari Burns Creek Farm

Huon Aquaculture




































We would also like to acknowledge an anonymous sponsor who donated to the 2016 program.


2015 Participants in the Sprout Producers Program

  • Un-named producer sponsored by Philippe Le Ban of The Source, MONA
  • Tanya Dalton (Drifting Farm) sponsored by Tony Scherer of Rocky Top farm
  • Lucy and Phillip Headlam (Headlam Farms) sponsored by Natalia Urosevic, Nick and Marco Nikitaras of Hill Street Grocer
  • Lee Adamson-Ringk (Killicranke Farm) sponsored by Michael Harvey of MDH Accounting


2014 Sprout Producers

In 2014, Tony Scherer and Joyce Johnston of Rocky Top Farm were our first producer to go through the Sprout Producers Program. Tony and Joyce are now accredited Sprout Producers and are part of the Sprout Producer Alumni. If you see their stickers in local, small Tasmanian grocery stores or on menus at restaurants you know you are buying local high quality produce that has been grown using ethical and environmental practices.

Meet our first accredited producer – Rocky Top!