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Huon Aquaculture


Frances and Peter, along with the entire Huon Aquaculture team have re-established their connection with Sprout and come on board as our first Major Partner sponsor!

We are thrilled! We know that both organisations will draw great benefit from this partnership and already we are pleased to be getting to know the team and finding ways to connect Huon staff with small producers. We envisage great things over the coming months, with much knowledge sharing and relationship building along the way.

Hear more from Frances here, about why Huon Aquaculture are so pleased to be supporting Sprout!

Frances will be attending Cross Pollinate 2017 as a panel speaker, and we will all be enjoying some of that scrumptious Huon Aquaculture produce during the event.


Federal Group Tourism


Federal Group Tourism have joined the Sprout family as a Sprout Sponsor.  We are so keen to welcome them and begin the journey of learning what is important to their Chefs, and how we can assist producers in building strong mutually respectful relationships with each one of them.

Here more from Matt Casey, General Manager Tourism by clicking here.

We held a Meet and Greet event recently where many of the Federal Group Head Chefs from restaurants around the state joined us on a local farm, to meet with a group of producers. The producers each chatted about farming, their produce, their commitment to ethical, sustainable practices and then how they would like to work with each of the restaurants. In turn, we heard from each Chef (Todd from Saffire Freycinet, Simon from Old Wharf Restaurant, Jeff from Peacock and Jones and Oli from Landscape, as well as Federal Group Executive Chef Hugh Whitehouse) about what kind of produce they are keen to work with, what parts of the plant (almost always the WHOLE LOT) they like to use, and how it matters to them to be able to put their hand on their heart and tell people where and how the produce was farmed and most importantly, that it was LOCAL.





Sprout Producers and Federal Group Chefs, connecting on farm in Longley. Photo: J.Robinson

Small Producer of the Year Award

Nominations are open for our 2017 Sprout Small Producer of the Year award.  Thanks to our award sponsor this year, Blundstone Australia there is an awesome prize for the recipient:

  • $500 cash
  • 4 pairs of legendary Blundstone boots
  • Mentoring hours with some experts from the Blundstone Australia team

To find out more, or to nominate go to our Cross Pollinate website.  Nominations close Friday 20th October at 5pm. The announcement will be made at our Cross Pollinate Long Table Dinner. Alex Taylor from Golden Valley Farm will be there to tell us about his last year on farm and to present the award to the luck winner!



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