Big River Highland Beef

Name - Bec Lynd 

Location - Plenty, Tasmania

Size of land - 220 acres

Crops - Highland cattle

Bec Lynd runs Scottish Highland cattle on her Derwent Valley farm, Settlers Point. She wants to establish Big River Highland Beef as a well-known boutique supplier of high quality, ethically raised, aged beef.


Big River Highland Beef draws its name from the indigenous people that inhabited this land, overlooking the magnificent Derwent River. Of course, the rest of the name refers to the Scottish Highland Beef grazing on the 220 acre property. We chose this breed for its ability to thrive on unimproved pasture and wild weather.


We aim to produce high quality beef using natural breeding and growing techniques. We run our cattle in family groups and don’t consider them ready for slaughter until they’re at least four years old. This is slow food in action! During this time we truly believe they take on the flavour of our region.

We practice low-stress stock handling techniques and muster cattle on horseback or using a quad bike, with a little help from our kelpies. We’ve had the farm since 2010 and started out with three Scottish Highland cattle, before buying a bull and building from there. In addition to this, we’ve purchased some more cattle and now have almost 100 head.

We’ve doubled the size of our fold to ensure we can supply our product at regular intervals and have established relationships with a small selection of restaurants, while developing our brand and customer communications strategies, to continue to grow the business.

Our products are sold directly from the farm and over the next 12 months we’ll be building our ability to regularly supply beef for our customers, while setting price points and developing brand awareness. We hope to one day be able to live and work full-time on our property, and operate it as a mixed-purpose farm.