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Sprout Producers are local, small-scale Tasmanian producers who farm, nurture, grow and sell ethical, great tasting food. These are the producers who are currently participating in the Program. Get behind these fabulous people and support the passion and products they produce, right here in our local community.

  • Rowelley Farm

    Rowelley Farm are at the beginning of their journey to establish a direct-to-consumer lamb enterprise from a 50-acre farm at North Motton in NW Tasmania. They currently run 30 Wiltipoll breeding ewes and plan to build up numbers through self replacement in the coming years as we slowly improve the property’s soil and pasture. They chose Wiltipoll sheep due to their calm temperament, high multiple birth rates, great tolerance to worm and foot problems and exceptional meat.

  • Sparrow Foot Farm

    Sparrow Foot Farm is a small footprint farm currently producing food through their expanding market garden and a growing flock of laying hens. Located in the Huon Valley, a hill in Franklin homes the 8 acres that overlook the Huon river. The owners/growers, Inés and David, find purpose and passion in growing healthy food that connects them and their community to the land they share.

  • Dandelion Tasmania

    Bronwyn relocated with her dog and cat after living abroad for 10 years in the US at the beginning of the pandemic. After finding herself very ill with symptoms including inflammation and joint pain, she went through a journey of discovering food as medicine and my greatest healer.

  • Tassie Seeds

    Tassie Seeds is a 5-acre farm In Bridgenorth, where they grow and sell 400+ vegetable and flower seeds, mostly to home gardeners. They also sell fresh vegetables to locals grown organically using permaculture principles, aiming for no dig after each garden’s first year, using living mulches, worm farms, biochar and compost systems to help nourish their soil.

  • Hamley

    Hamley is a small farming business currently growing a tomatoes, garlic, a variety of herbs and micro herbs.

  • Seabrook Valley Farm

    Ben and Ellie own and run the farm, with not a lot of farming experience behind them, but a whole lot of drive and effort to put into creating a dream. They set out to have some space around them, a future, a great place to start and raise a family, a place where they could grow their own food ethically and sustainably, be self-sufficient and over time it has evolved into a business.