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Cross Pollinate is our annual conference, where small-scale farmers and supporters of a resilient food system gather to share ideas, feel connected and learn.

Over the course of two days we will be tackling a subject that’s as thorny as blackberry – making small-farms work financially!

Producers, we are here for you…

Sprout Tasmania supports small scale and start up food producers in Tasmania. We have a number of initiatives that we undertake each year, with the aim to achieve a knowledgeable, supportive and sustainable local food community in Tasmania.

Membership and Community 

Join our Sprout community and connect with fellow foodies, growers, farmers and others in the Tasmanian Food community.

Sprout Producer Program

This is a year long scholarship based education program, for small scale ethical producers.

Sprout Small Producer of the Year Award

A community nominated award for an outstanding farmer “growing good” in our community. 

The Sprout Hub

The Hub is a members only centre for education and resources. Here you can access farming and business courses, resources and chat with peers using our forum.


Sprout provides a voice for small scale farmers, advocating for local, state governments to support the needs of this vital sector of the Tasmanian economy.

Producer stories

Sprout Producers are local, small-scale Tasmanian producers who farm sustainably, nurture their soil and the environment, and produce ethical, great tasting food.