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The Sprout Hub is our centre for education and resources. Here you can access farming and business courses, discover recorded webinars and factsheets, plus much much more.

The Hub is free for all members.

Meet our Volunteers

Sprout would not exist if it wasn’t for our team of dedicated volunteers. The volunteers are involved in fundraising, advocacy, awareness campaigns, the Sprout Producers Program, the Cross Pollinate Conference and many offer mentoring and support to our Sprout Producers.

We are always interested in welcoming new volunteers to our Sprout Family. The support, knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication our volunteers bring to us is so valuable.

Do you have a passion, skill or area of interest that you could share with our members? Are you interested in joining us? We would love to hear from you.

Register your interest in Volunteering with Sprout and become part of the family.

Meet some of our Volunteer members:

  • Ian LockeĀ (Freight and Logistics Council)
  • David Day (Management Consultant)
  • Hannah Martin (Federal Group)
  • Tony Scherer (Rocky Top Farm & Board member)
  • Amanda Woollams (Tin Cow Consulting)
  • Natalie Hayes (Destination Southern Tasmania)
  • Nicholas Tabart (NASAA Officer)
  • Simon Allston
  • Jorja Callow (permaculture consultant)
  • Ilan Goldstein
  • Nat from Honey Pot
  • Laura Dyba
  • Sasha Brightman