Drifting Farm

Name - Tanya Dalton

Location - Koonya, Tasmania

Size of land - 9 acres

Crops - planting a vineyard, berries, saffron, garlic, onions and asparagus


Tanya and Clinton are new to farming and are aiming to soak up as much knowledge as possible.


Our Pinot Noir grapes will be organic as this matches our values plus differentiates us from many in the market.

Our grandma didn't use chemicals in her gardening and we want to be the same. Wherever possible we aim to be chemical free in our market garden and with our fruit trees. Being biodynamic.

We’re using the first few years of our farm to plan and also test what suits our property and our skills. We’ve completed major infrastructure works requiring considerable capital outlay including clearing vegetation, road building, dam renovation, tractor purchase and fencing.  We’ve removed countless bags of thistles after hand digging them out. Planting has focused on those varieties that will not bear fruit for 3+ years.
We are completing the Sprout Producer Program so we can learn:
  • complementary planting in market gardening and everything to do with the various plantings we have in place or may have in the future
  • Installation of trellis systems for both grapes and fruit trees – espaliering!
  • More about deterring rabbits, possums, wallabies and birds
  • Budgeting
  • Marketing

Our dream is to work on the farm full time without the need for alternative income streams whilst sipping a “Drifting Farm Pinot Noir” on our deck at the end of the day, looking over the vineyard and eating fresh produce from the farm that we have been successfully growing and selling to the local community, restaurants and tourists. We also want to contribute to food and wine quality for Tasmanians.