Back to grass roots was a great success!

Well, that's a wrap for Cross Pollinate 2017! What a day and dinner! It was fantastic to see so many of you connecting, forming new relationships, rekindling old ones and generally laughing and having a great time!

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We had over 70 attendees for the day, and another 80 attend for the dinner, which in the Willie Smith's Apple Shed made for the perfect number to really make the workshops, panel discussions and farm tours work really well.

We have had some great feedback from people through our survey, and we love that you are all so honest as we can only make this conference better each year by hearing directly from our attendees about the things that worked and the things that could be improved.  Here are some of the comments:

"While a sponsor on the day. I also have a small land holding and interested in the possibilities of what I could do. Super excited on the day to have the opportunity to attend and talk to people."

"Meeting new people who have been or going through the same steps as us and learning from them."

"Not much time (in the workshop) for in depth analysis, but good starter." - Ok, we will keep this in mind for next time, thanks.

"It was great to hear experiences from some well established and well known people (on the panel)."

"The information was good...personally am not a big fan of presentations and would rather have a more interactive session." - Fair point, we get that, especially when it comes to soil!

"Good selection of activities, diverse, broken up with tasty food whilst meeting lots of new people."

"What's not to say. Ideal location and business for the Sprout conference and provides synergy as to what Sprout is all about..."

"A new place for me (Willie Smith's) so very interesting. A few nooks and crannies for the activities. Comfortable venue."

"Enjoyed the venue- but the outdoor area may have been a bit harsh for the panel session if it had been a couple of days earlier (when it was snowing!)" - We couldn't agree more! We did have a wet weather plan too, so no worries there.

"Fantastic day that really fostered networking and learning."

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There are so many people that made this event run as smoothly as it did.....

Our brilliant panel members who gave their time, experience and hindsight so freely to all attendees - Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese Co. & Bruny Island Beer Co., Sadie Chrestman from Fat Pig Farm, Matthew Tack from Our Mates' Farm and Frances Bender from Huon Aquaculture, and for the best facilitator Polly McGee! Thank you! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic between you all, your honesty and your passion!

Then our sponsors - SRT Logistics, Hill Street Grocer, Business Tasmania, University of Tasmania, Sustomi, NRM South, Mercury-Walch Pty LTD, Graphix Labels, Futago, Bellamy's Organic, Tasmanian Women in Agriculture, Harvest Launceston, Blundstone Australia, Sustomi, Coinventa, TasCaffe, Tin cow consulting, The Understorey. Without your support...well it wouldn't happen!


Our produce providers that combined to produce the most incredible feast, Harvest Feast, Firebird Farm Tasmania, Longley Organic Farm, Seven Springs Farm, Provenance Growers, Tasman Sea Salt, Callington Mill, Tasmanian Butter Co, Ashgrove Cheese, Lauds - Plant-based foods, Lauriston Grove, Rocky Top Farm, Golden Valley Farm, Big River Highland Beef, Arundel, Headlam Farm Tasmanian Fresh Asparagus, Dry Ideas Tea, Flower Pot Cheese, 9/11 Bottleshop St Ives, Campo De Flori, Wellington Apiary, Willie Smith's Organic Cider, Aiden Jackson, Kindred Organics, morning tea from Bruny Island Gateway, afternoon tea from the chefs at Federal Group restaurants - Peacock and Jones, Landscape Restaurant & Grill Saffire Freycinet, Old Wharf Restaurant and Jam Packed!

Our chef team - Tom Westcott from Tom McHugo's Hobart Hotel, Stan Robert from Fat Carrot Farm, Luke and Chris too! You served us the most sensational meal and definitely gave above and beyond, prepping off site on Sunday and in the weeks leading up! Sensational!


Our hosts - Willie Smith's Apple Shed - Ellie and Andrew Smith, Krystal, Cara, Dan, John, Javen, Georgie, Scarlet, Gibbo and the whole Apple Shed team that made the day and evening work so smoothly, and fed us the best conference lunch I think we have ever had! Andrew, thanks for hosting the best farm tour and being so open and honest with your thoughts on the apple and greater produce industry here in Tasmania. Thank You!


Our volunteers (Isis for chasing logos and sponsor blurbs, making our long table look sensational, and growing the sweet peas herself, Court for being the best barista in the valley for the day, and catering for morning tea, Anna for being our 'go to girl' for the day, Nat for being the logistics queen managing the farm tour so brilliantly, Katie for designing the best program we've ever put together, Nick for being an integral part of the organic conversion workshop, our hamper crew of Vicki, Michaela, Lisa and Han for putting together those awesome tassie produce hampers, Tonya for coordinating conference bags, our board members for mucking in on the day as well as pre-event guidance and passion, Mike for doing vox-pops on the red couch and bringing producers to tears, Annie for stuffing conference bags, Tim for being our illustrious MC again and making the dinner extremely entertaining, Yoshi for providing the best jazz guitar vibe for dinner, Sara for critiquing our website, Joyce and Trish for each saving the day....hope we haven't missed anyone!).......

Watch this space for CP2018!


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