Forrest Flavours


Name - Kirk and Cheryl Forrest

Location - Parkham, Tasmania

Size of land - 250 acres

Crops - Raspberries

Sustainable gourmet food producers! Growing food that is healthy for humans, healthy for the planet, is packed full of mouth watering joy are all at the heart of our philosophy. We want the plants and the soil to be as productive in the future for our children and grandchildren, if not better, than we found them. We are very excited to see how our plants have thrived with our water and soil management practices, which includes drip irrigation to manage water usage and minimises water borne contaminants on fruit. Our soil management utilises local organic byproducts from other industries which improves the ecological footprint in our region and enhances the sustainability for the environment. By diversifying our range of produce in the future, we will also create different markets for each season, essentially making our lives more economically and socially sustainable. Instead of large commercial orchards, we have opted for smaller scale orchards patch-worked across our property, alongside native bush, with wildlife corridors and sensitive habitats protected.


We have been operating for 18 months, but researching and experimenting with which plants are ideally suited to our local environment for the past five years. Our initial orchard is well established and both blueberries and raspberries are thriving. We are establishing our brand at local markets and developing a social media presence.

We sell our produce at local markets and roadside stalls and will be expanding to Fork to fork and other outlets in the North West Coast during Summer months as our volume of product increases.

This winter our focus has been expanding the different raspberry varieties and establishing a new orchard. We also currently have small scale production of garlic and saffron.

Our goals for the next few years are clearing and preparing further areas for expanding our flavour range.  We aim to expand our market garden and our orchards to include olives, and hazelnuts amongst other delights. We also want to develop a collection of value added products that utilises any produce which is not sold as premium fresh fruit to keep waste to a minimum.

Our dream is to eat well, live well and give others the opportunity to experience the delights of eating well loved, local produce.

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