Glendale Olives


The farm

Glendale Olives is nestled in the rolling hills between Evandale and White Hills, in Northern Tasmania, 6km from the historic town of Evandale. 15ha of olives make up the olive grove, with 7 varieties of olives across the grove.

This area is traditionally considered to be most suited to sheep farming, but this beautiful rural setting is now flourishing as one of the largest olive groves in Tasmania.



The farmer
Farmer is Christine Mann, a fourth-generation farmer, now farming next door to the original family farm. My interest in trees began as a child, climbing a huge pear tree in the farm orchard, progressing to a surveyor in a company growing trees and now producing olive oil from over 9,000 trees.

Having grown up on a farm I guess farming is in my blood. My family purchased the farm in 2013, having watched the olive trees grow since they were planted in 2005.

My favourite oil is Frantoio, which is being marketed in the green labelled bottle and called “Producer’s Choice”. To me it has a great robust flavour and the trees produce a great crop each year. Some of the best growing trees in the grove are the Frantoio trees.


The farming
The farming philosophy is not to use chemicals if at all possible, and utilise our sheep to graze the grass between the rows.

Mulching of the grass and tree prunnings takes place each year. Graze the grass with the sheep and minimise weeds.

Only good quality olives are used in the production of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Care is taken from tree to bottle to produce the award winning EVOO.

Our product is grown in the cool climate of Tasmania, in a picturesque area away from the sound of vehicles. Visitors are welcome to book a visit to the grove and enjoy this unique atmosphere. In 2016 Glendale Olives received the Reserve Champion in the Robust Class at the Australian Olive Association National Awards.


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