Killiecrankie Farm

Name - Lee Adamson-Ringk

Location - Glengarry, West Tamar

Size of land - 21 Hectares

Crops - Main crop or product: Christmas trees, Perennial potted plants specialising in climate-appropriate edible crops, with additional crops in concept and development phase.

Lee Adamson-Ringk, from Killiecrankie Farm, has an established crop of Christmas trees and is growing perennial, rare edible plants and edible varieties often overlooked by other nurseries. Lee wants to encourage people to consider edible plants for their gardens, beyond just their vegetable patch, and to reconnect more people with produce grown in their own backyards.


We are focused on creating a sustainable enterprise, based on best practice with minimised inputs and a justifiable range of intensively produced crops. Our 21 hectare property is managed in way that considers the needs of all inhabitants and produce. Our stock needs to be healthy, our plants well managed and productive, our wildlife considered and accommodated, our family content and our future secure.

We’ve been on the go since 2008 and have initiated a range of enterprises and crops, which are now at various stages, ranging from established Christmas trees to brand new crops. There is still a lot to learn; in fact, we never stop learning or discovering new things about our land, crop and potential future crops. We are focused on extensive research and trials.

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Our products are currently available from the farm gate, seasonally, and at our online store for Tasmanian mail order. Over the next 12 months we’ll work to develop a new product range, while continuing to fine tune our existing processes in a sustainable and considered manner.

It’s our dream to grow the business sustainably and profitably, and inspire our children along the way.

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