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Meet our volunteer Board

As you know, Sprout is a volunteer run organisation and this includes our board members.  We are excited to introduce you to our new Chairperson and other board members, as they are the collective team behind our strategic direction and ensuring we remain on track to achieving our objectives for the year and beyond.  They not only assist in an advisory and governance capacity, but also roll up their sleeves and muck in for field days, mentoring and more.  

Michaela Lamprey – Chair

With a background in marketing and communications, Michaela joined Sprout Tasmania in December 2017. As Corporate Affairs Manager at Tourism Industry Council Tasmania since July 2017, Michaela manages TICT’s partnerships and events including the Tasmanian Tourism Awards Gala and the Tasmanian Tourism Conference. Michaela has a diverse series of past roles in Federal Politics and private enterprise, as well as having her feet firmly set in the agricultural world having grown upon a farm in the NW Coast of Tasmania.

Michaela thrives on empowering the producers within the Sprout Producer Program through sharing her professional skills, and took up the position as Chair in late 2018 feeling she had grasped the ethos of the organisation and was eager to see Sprout further succeed and thrive into the future.

Mark Massie – Secretary

Following a 30 year career in the Navy Mark retired to the Huon Valley and established Aurora Farm, a Dorper sheep farm near Geeveston with his wife, Deanne. Mark participated in the Sprout Producer Program in 2016 gaining valuable knowledge and thoroughly enjoying the year long scholarship. His participation in the SPP highlighted the benefits that Sprout is able to provide to small producers and the community as a whole within Tasmania and he is keen to ensure that others are able to likewise benefit.

Alexandra Seager – Treasurer

Alexandra ventured to Tasmania from the UK with her husband about six years ago, and now loves to call this island her home.  Alexandra is the Manager Financial and Management Accounting at TasWater and brings to Sprout her valued skills in this area to ensure the organisation remains on track and viable into the long term.  Alex is keen to do as much growing as possible at her home in Kingston, keeps heritage chickens and even owned a goat, until it ate everything!

Jorja Callow

Jorja is also quite new to Tasmania from growing up in the arid lands of South Australia. She brings qualifications and nearly a decade experience in Permaculture, after working on a well known certified organic and permaculture property in South Aus she continued growing and learning in sub-tropics of Northern New South Wales, creating Henskull Permaculture – a grassroots educational, consulting and design business. Here in Hobart, Jorja is the Garden Manager of the biodynamic kitchen garden at Stefano Lubiana Wines Osteria. Jorja, along with her husband, two dogs and an array of chickens have recently started setting their radical homesteading roots on 2.5 acres north of Hobart. Jorja brings a passion for local food, food security, seed sovereignty and respect for the traditional custodians of this land - past, present, and future!

We are lucky to have Tony Scherer as our enduring President of Sprout Tasmania.  Tony continues to share with producers his in depth knowledge of agriculture, connections in the Tasmanian food and farming community and is always reminding us of why we are here and what we are trying to achieve. 

Tasmanian Meat Industry Working Group

As many of you are aware, the Tasmanian Government has asked Sprout Tasmania to sit on the Meat Industry Working Group to be a voice for the many small meat producers around the State.  Jennifer Robinson, our GM, is representing our organisation at the table, and we are very thankful to be there.  

So far, the Working Group have heard ideas, feedback, thoughts, proposals and current state of play updates from many representatives across the sector in the state.  There has also been a group contracted to produce a feasibility study to the Working Group, which is due this month.  

Jennifer has coordinated to call many small producers around the state, and collate survey feedback as to the current risk factors in the supply chain from farm to customer, based on that particular producer's pathway to market.  It is so important to us here at Sprout that every producer in the state, be they large or small, has their opinion heard in this process.  The survey data Jen collected has been submitted for review and consideration as part of the feasibility study.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about the current state of play for small ethical meat producers, please contact Jen on [email protected] or call her on 0419 519 296. 

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