Meet Our Producers

Sprout Producers are local, small and start-up Tasmanian producers who farm, nurture, grow and sell ethical, great tasting food. Our Sprout Producers have been through our Sprout Producer Program and have become a part of our growing family.

If you see the Sprout logo on produce in your local grocery store or restaurant menu then you can meet the farmer or see the farm on Sprout’s website and you know that the producer has been through our program and have our "stamp of approval"

Sprout Producer Logo


Meet our current cohort of Sprout Producers for 2020

Beaupre Farm

TNGTRebecca & Dylan - Tasmanian Natural Garlic & Tomatoes


Valley Fresh Farm

Valley Fresh Farm - Rob

Huski GreensHuski Greens - Mac & Oli

Lone Goose Farm

Bridgenorth Berries

Bridgenorth Berries - Susan & Narelle


Meet all of our Sprout Producer graduates

Arundel Farm Aurora Farm Big River Highland Beef Broadchurch Ecofarm
Burns Creek Farm

Campo de FloriLisa & David - Campo de Flori

Deep End Farm Drifting Farm
Eska Farm Felds Farm Forest Fungi Fork It Farm
Forrest Flavours

Fresh Feld Farm

Fiona - Fresh Field Grove

Glen Ard Mohr Estate Glendale Olives
Guide Falls Farm Headlam Farm Highmarsh Jordan River Farm
KillieCrankie Farm Langdale Farm Lauriston Grove Longley Organic Farm
Mount Arthur Garlic Old Forest Vale Farm Primal Living (Living Well with Jo) Simple Cider & Wellbeing Orchard

Summerlea FarmElizabeth & Rick - Summerlea Farm

Three Peaks Organics Wilmores Bluff