Old Beach Berries Farm

The farm


Our farm is 6.1 hectares on gradually sloping ground nestled between two large cherry farms. 

Our ground is dry over summer and wet in winter.  We have irrigated water.  Our blocks are broken into three zones, with two netted blocks and an olive grove.

We have three different crops - blueberries, cherries and olives.

There are approximately 3000 blueberry bushes with three main varieties: Brigittas, Elliotts and O’Neals plus a few rings-ins scattered throughout the rows, the Blue Rose, for pollination. The O’Neals ripen in time for Christmas. The Brigittas are our main crop and are a beautiful, sweet berry (it’s a well-kept secret that the smaller Brigittas are the sweetest). The Elliotts are dusted white with bloom and are as big as your thumb. Some people find them a bit sour and others absolutely love them.

We sell fresh and frozen berries, and we do pick-your-own berries and cherries in season. We sell through our farm shop and online shop, to a wholefoods business in Hobart, a local fine dining establishment, and we export blueberries to the South Australia Produce Market.

The front of house is made up of a packing shed, coolroom and machinery sheds.

Our very unromantic cottage adjoins a large, netted vegetable garden and chicken run, where 21 chickens live.

The western border of the farm is Gage Brook. We share the farm with quolls, cockatoos, fairy wrens, frogs, snakes, blue tongue lizards, rabbits, gentlemen hares (we’re sure they have top hats which we haven’t seen as yet) and a multitude of bugs and spiders. We have a couple of wallabies who reside in the cherry trees. We’ve also been told that there are eels in the dam.

Our peak time is the summer months when we employ up to 20 people, picking, packing and stacking. For the rest of the year, the farm goes back to just being home.

We have many regular and local customers whom we greet by name. They know that if our gate’s open, we’re open.


The farmers

In our other lives, David is an Occupational Therapist and Cathryn is a Speech Pathologist. We bought the farm in November 2019 with our first season starting in December. It’s been a whirlwind tour and we are still on a steep learning curve. Our mistakes are intermixed with occasional successes which are becoming more frequent.

Our vision is to grow a tasty berry that is produced with a gentle footprint on the earth.

We feel fortunate to share our space with lots of different animals and insects and want to keep it that way.

We are looking for ways to minimise harm, look after our soil, and make our farm a place that people want to come to.

We look forward to meeting you!


The essentials

Contact names: Cathryn Maloney & David Wareing

Phone: 0428 858 761

Email: [email protected]

Facebook & Instagram

Website with our online shop: oldbeachberries.com.au

Farm gate open every day over summer, 7am to 8pm, except Christmas Day.

During the other months, we’re open on weekends and before or after work.