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Bronwyn Douglas


The Farmers

Bronwyn relocated with her dog and cat after living abroad for 10 years in the US at the beginning of the pandemic. After finding herself very ill with symptoms including inflammation and joint pain, she went through a journey of discovering food as medicine and my greatest healer.

This led her to buying land to grow food without chemicals and a desire to be the best custodian of the land I can be.

Starting from scratch Bronwyn is building a house, designing the farm and learning how to farm sustainably whilst building community roots

The Farm

Coming from a corporate background Bronwyn is starting a new era in life and has purchased 50 acres on the beautiful far NW Coast. Her dream is to build a sheep stud utilising shedded lambing. The land features a stunning bush pocket with dam on a sloping site.

An avid knitter, her intention is to create a fit for purpose yarn for a boutique Tasmanian made machine knitwear range made onsite. She also hopes to build accommodation cabins to share the bucolic rolling hills and agricultural experience with harried urbanites and create a diversified income.