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Dave & Cassandra

The Farmers

Dave grew up in Launceston, Cassandra in Taiwan, where, 24 years ago, they met and married. Since then they have lived in Singapore, Colorado, California and Tokyo, all at the behest of the company Dave worked for, which made medical equipment.

Five years ago they came to Australia, put everything in storage and scoured NSW, Victoria and parts of South Australia for a place in which to settle down. They eventually found 10 hectares in Geeveston, and Deep End Farm was born.

No long after, they set up a stall selling bao zi, the steam buns from Cassandra’s homeland. They now grow the ingredients, make the buns and sell them, ready to eat at markets and events around Hobart and the Huon Valley.

The Farm

Deep End Farm is a small property in Geeveston, south of Hobart in Southern Tasmania. The objectives for the farm can be summarised as:

  • To be a thriving diverse ecosystem. Dave and Cassandra want their property to have many successfully established plants and animals living in harmony. Their day to day activities are all about improving the system.
  • To grow really good food. They want to design a system on our property that produces the best ingredients and prepare the best food from it.
  • To be part of the Huon Valley community. They want people to be involved in their project, by sharing the knowledge they gain, welcoming visitors and making excess produce available through sale, barter or gifting.

In general they use the principles of permaculture to do this, to design a property where things fit together, work together and enhance each other.