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Forrest Flavours

Kirk Forrest


The Farmers

Kirk Forrest owns Forrest Flavours, and describes himself as a sustainable gourmet food producer. He grows food that is healthy for humans, healthy for the planet, and that is packed full of mouth watering joy.  He wants the plants and the soil to be as productive in the future for our children and grandchildren, if not better, than when he started. 

His soil management utilises local organic byproducts from other industries which improves the ecological footprint in their region and enhances the sustainability for the environment. By diversifying his range of produce in the future, he will also create different markets for each season, essentially making his life more economically and socially sustainable. Instead of large commercial orchards, he has opted for smaller scale orchards patchworked across his property, alongside native bush, with wildlife corridors and sensitive habitats protected.

The Farm

Forrest Flavours is a 250 acre farm based in Parkham. Blueberries, raspberries and garlic are the main crops, all grown spray free, but you will also find a variety of other berries and currants being grown, together with saffron, olives and juniper. At the time of writing they also have some pigs on the ground and there are plans afoot for a distillery. Basically there’s not much Kirk won’t and can’t turn his hand to!

During the season he sells his blueberries via pick your own as well as at local markets, you can keep posted of all his developments and markets on the Forrest Flavours Facebook page.