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The Farmers

Rachel Jacka was raised in Victoria and fondly remembers her regular trips to her grandparent’s farm. From the space to play and being able to explore, to the extremes of helping pull a baby calf from its mum who was having trouble and rewarding herself by picking wild blackberries from the creekside meant she can remember wanting to have her own farm since she was a little girl.

After high school she was accepted into Veterinary Science but she ended up deferring and instead got into real estate, moved into banking and ended up studying Law. Her passion for the environment led her to complete a Masters of Environmental Law and onto a graduate position with the Australian Department of Agriculture in Canberra. However she quickly learnt that those aspirations of making a difference were hard when you were a little fish in a big pond and falling pregnant with her first daughter became a catalyst for change. She and her husband moved to Tasmania and searched for their patch of earth to call home…Guide Falls Farm was born.

Rachel’s dream is to be one of the top tourism destinations in Tasmania, where people come to experience, learn, feel, see and taste going away feeling a stronger sense of purpose to do better for the land, the animals and the environment we all share. If people got a glimpse of farm life, even for a short while, and the riches it can bring to people and children…they will surely fall in love, just the way Rachel has.

The Farm

Guide Falls Farm is a mixed enterprise, regenerative farm offering authentic experiences through education and its on-farm restaurant. Situated in the north-west of Tasmania the farm produces grass fed beef and lamb, pasture raised meat chicken and pork, pastured eggs and they also have their own market garden.

You can also visit Guide Falls farm through farm tours for families and school groups, events and workshops, or to eat at the restaurant.