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Greg Herron

The Farmers

Greg Herron is the farmer behind Highmarsh Farm. He grew up on a small mixed farm and has worked full time as a farm hand on a local dairy farm.

Over time Greg is hoping to produce beef, lamb and pork. He already has a small herd of Hereford cattle and an equally small flock of Wiltshire sheep and has added pigs to breed and raise free range pork. Growing a large portion of the feed requirements for the animals on farm is a big part of his plan, as is the hope to sell meat at farmers markets and direct to end consumers.

The Farm

Highmarsh Farm is 140ha of marginal country in Jackeys Marsh, about 85ha of which is potentially viable farmland for pasture or cropping. The remainder is made up of rough or swampy ground and native forest under covenant.

The farm is surrounded by uncultivated bush blocks and a world heritage listed forest between the Western Tiers and Quamby Bluff. This makes for a beautiful setting, but a major challenge has been browsing wildlife. Greg has started fencing the best pastures while incorporating a system of wildlife corridors linking the various natural habitats on and around the farm.

Everything on the farm is done using organic principals, the property is also off grid using solar and wind for electricity.