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Rosella Roost

Anthony & Paula


The Farmers

Rosella Roost became reality after Anthony and Paula took a leap of faith to pursue work that spoke to their hearts. They decided to try their hand at farming high quality nutrient rich food, even though neither had any land farming background! This combined all their passions: great food, animals and nature. They bought a small, neglected acreage where they could raise a family, create a living that sustained them while also leaving the world better than they found it. 

So Rosella Roost was born, aiming to supply excellent quality eggs and poultry products while showcasing how small scale farms can be part of the solution to revitalize communities and the health of the environment and its people.

The Farm

Rosella Roost is a small farm based in Rosevale, 25kms west of Launceston. They farm pastured raised chickens for eggs and meat using holistic and regenerative principles, free from synthetic inputs and focused on best practices for animal welfare and soil health. 

The winter 2021 has been an exciting season for Rosella Roost, with the launch of their pastured meat enterprise. You can now find their chicken stocked at butchers in Hobart and on the plates of many of the state’s top restaurants!