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Jamie & Shelley Brokenshire


The Farmers

Jamie and Shelley packed up and moved to Tasmania in 2017 with 4 kids and a cat. With no real plans they just went with it, but they knew it’s where they wanted to be.

With a bit of hard work and grit they managed to purchase a little piece of paradise in 2020 and now they want to share their experiences and the fruits of their labour with their local community and be a part of the future of
sustainable food production.

The Farm

They are currently at the beginning of their journey to establish a direct-to-consumer lamb enterprise from a 50-acre farm at North Motton in NW Tasmania. They currently run 30 Wiltipoll breeding ewes and plan to build up numbers through self replacement in the coming years as we slowly improve the property’s soil and pasture. They chose Wiltipoll sheep due to their calm temperament, high multiple birth rates, great tolerance to worm and foot problems and exceptional meat.

Using a rotational grazing system means they move the sheep every 5-7 days which allows the paddocks to have good resting periods. They are also committed to being non reliant on synthetic fertilising and weed control methods that degrade the land and focus more on understanding what our soil is telling us and building a strong, healthy ecosystem both above and below the ground.