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seabrook valley farm

Ben & Ellie Sutcliffe


The Farmers

Ben and Ellie own and run the farm, with not a lot of farming experience behind them, but a whole lot of drive and effort to put into creating a dream. They set out to have some space around them, a future, a great place to start and raise a family, a place where they could grow their own food ethically and sustainably, be self-sufficient and over time it has evolved into a business.

As well as cattle and sheep they also have a few pigs, beehives and a big vegie garden to feed the family. This year they have expanded with taking on more land with the goal to one day purchase more and be able to just work on farm. They would love to sell their delicious product locally with a more direct approach.

The Farm

Seabrook Valley farm is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Elliott with Seabrook creek meandering through. Consisting of 135 acres on which they run cattle and a mob of Dorper sheep as well as a lease block not far away.

The home farm is focusing on breeding operations where they are evolving into an angus herd, running Quarterway and Richmond hill genetics and are currently selling the yearlings privately. They graze their cattle on pastures using stock rotation methods, feed out hay and silage as needed and provide them with trace elements and minerals to prevent deficiencies.

The rich red soil and the investments they are putting back into the rejuvenation of the soils are a priority, resulting in improving our pastures and in turn better growth and healthy happy tasty animals.