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Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs

Katt Ferrero


The Farmers

Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs was started in 2017 by Katt, Duncan and Meredith, three Queenslanders embarking on a tree change and respite from the heat.

Their philosophy is based on principles of sustainable farming that utilises stock rotation to regenerate pasture, minimising the need for harsh chemicals. This delivers quality products and ensures that their farm has a positive not negative impact on the pasture.

The Farm

Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs produced free range pastured eggs on their farm, located 30 minutes from Launceston in Glengarry, part of the beautiful West Tamar region. 

Pastured egg farming maximises hen welfare and is much lower density than allowable under free range. It also ensures that hens are always given access to pasture, which is better for the paddocks and the hens. Whilst a more labour intensive way of farming, the end result is high quality, delicious eggs and very happy hens!

Their eggs can be found at their own farm gate, at Harvest Market in Launceston, and at a range of stores around the state.