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Three Peaks OrganicS

Trish MacFarlane and John Caldwell


The Farmers

Three Peaks Organics Blueberry Farm is run by Trish MacFarlane and John Caldwell.

Their farm wasn’t using chemicals, sprays or fertilisers, so it seemed like a natural progression for them to become organic, achieving certified organic status late in 2015. They base their growing principles around taste rather than yields and are currently updating their brand and value adding in order to achieve a sustainable farm which has produce to sell throughout the year.

When we asked Trish back in 2016 what her dream was, she said her one wish was simple. That one day, instead of everyone else’s children or grandchildren, just maybe one day it will be hers who are now standing in front of an audience with a tale to tell about their slightly crazy mother who had a dream. She packed up her 3 kids and her life and went to live in another state to start up a very small, very run down family farm.  What a beautiful dream!

The Farm

Three Peaks Organics™ Blueberry Farm is a little patch of Tasmanian paradise. As a family-owned farm, they have been growing amazing, mouth-watering, organic blueberries for well over a decade. Many energetic round-table discussions involving the whole family eventually brought them to settle on the name: Three Peaks Organics™. The name Three Peaks pays tribute to the three mountains they can see from their home, as well as to their three children. The logo was inspired by a drawing by their girls and brought to life by a wonderful designer.

They grow specially selected varieties which produce some of the plumpest, most delicious blueberries you will ever taste. They sell fresh blueberries during the harvest season, along with frozen and freeze-dried blueberries all year round.

Three Peaks Organics are committed to growing their produce organically. Growing organically benefits not only the local environment and our planet, but also produces the most nutritious, toxin-free and delicious fruit through their healthy, mineral and microorganism-rich soil.

Other environmental initiatives they’ve undertaken include the installation of solar panels to supply power for the entire property, and ensuring pollination through their own onsite beehives.

Since Three Peaks Organics™ started, they have continually explored options to add value. Their journey started with fresh, delicious blueberries and has led them to freeze-dried, coated freeze-dried, powdered and even small batches of home-made blueberry jam.