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Bec Lynd is completing the Sprout Producers Program this year with a scholarship provided by Nick Haddow of Bruny Island Cheese. Her vision is to transition ‘Big River Highland Beef’ from a passionate hobby farm to a best quality, best practice sustainable business.

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“Personally, I would greatly value the support, connections, mentorship and training this program offers –  as I am a sole operator, am unique in my industry, and at only 35 I have a long time as a producer ahead of me! Professionally, this program will provide me with insight into the food industry at this critical point of transition, and valuable exposure to networks and markets that might not be available to me within this timeframe otherwise.”

Bec and five other small Tasmanian producers started the program in February this year and are currently completing a number of educational units such as soil health, weed management, business planning and finance, attending field days at each others properties and receiving mentoring from a number of Sprout board/subcommittee members and friends.

Bec specializes in Scottish Highland Beef that have been ethically and sustainably raised. She currently has a fold of approximately 60 head on a 220 acre farm in the Derwent Valley. She is interested in small-scale commercial production of premium, quality beef for local consumers.

Bec is also passionate about value adding to her product to ensure that none of the animal is wasted. She intends on supplying horns for trophy and biodynamic preparation markets, and is learning the art of tanning the hides of the animal.



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