Producer Profile

Tarkine Edge - Fork to Fork Producer

Paul Saldo joined the Fork to Fork producer community in May! 

The farm

Tarkine Edge is located on the North West coast of Tasmania, approximately 30minutes from Wynyard, at Edgcumbe Beach, overlooking the spectacular rocky cape National Park.

The property is several hundred acres of land which includes leased and owned in The Circular head region, bordering the Tarkine Wilderness.

The farm is in close proximity to the Tarkine wilderness and the cleanest air on the planet being Cape Grim. The farming technique is unique in that no cereals or grains are used in the production of pigs, unlike almost all other pig production models. A large amount of natural forage is relied on for the pigs food, as well as supplementation of food grade milk products, such as custards, milkshakes, lattés make up the diet supplement feed source.On the menu today for the piggies is cookies and cream milkshake for example! They love it!

The farmers

Paul Soldo spent the first 15 years of his career in aquaculture and farming the sea, now he has brought his passion of farming in line with nature to the land where he uses polyculture and organic permaculture principles in his farming today.
Our favourite food is our pork roast or spit pigs, because of the amazing flavour that comes through by how the animals are grown, simple preparation is the best.

The farming

We use no chemicals at all, no antibiotics, no dips, no sprays, just pigs digging up roots and having a diverse diet with lots of space to roam.My philosophy is replicate nature, it has had millions of years to get the formula right.

Our farming technique is very extensive, very low stocking densities, lots of natural forage and allow the animal to express its nature, given plenty fresh ground to forage, water holes to wallow, bush to scratch against and dig up roots, pigs being the fullness of a pig.

We allow our animals to fully express themselves as this is the ultimate form of husbandry and you get out what you put in so its no surprise everyone loves the flavour of our pork, because they are given a lot of love.