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Vanessa Hall

The Farmers

In Vanessa’s farming journey, they have adopted practical regenerative techniques and are committed to ensuring a balance between their livestock and the native fauna needs. They admit to not being experts; they are keen to learn and discover more about how tending to the soil as a living organism can support not only the health of our farm but also contribute to the broader ecological harmony of our surroundings. 

Their vision extends beyond becoming solely a processed meat box producer of our own livestock. They aspire to play a role in identifying and enhancing networks and processes within Tasmania. Their goal is to foster a community of smallholding farmers who share our commitment to animal welfare and quality standards. By leveraging established logistics and processing, we aim to create a network where these farmers receive fair compensation for their efforts. 

Their overarching objective is to promote Tasmanian meat, not just to local communities but also beyond, showcasing the exceptional quality and ethical practices upheld by our community of farmers. 

The Farm

Welcome to Abruzzo Farm, a charming 50-acre slice of heaven nestled in the hills of the Meander Valley. Our story began in 2019 with a spontaneous purchase that envisioned a quiet retirement haven for the not-too-distant future. However, life had different plans; what started as a retirement dream took a delightful detour into the world of newborns and navigating the challenges of a changing global landscape. 

Amidst the unpredictability, and with a lot of help from the local farming community, we found our passion in working with the land, nurturing a calm and healthy environment for our livestock, and creating a wonderful home for our daughter. 

Currently, our farm is home to cattle and sheep, breeds chosen for their compatibility with our terroir. While the farm may not be vast, it is a place where every animal is known by name, and every inch of soil is cherished.