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Nanette and Thomas Botha


The Farmers

Thomas and Nanette have lived in countries where food is produced for the masses. “Fresh produce” often tasted like nothing and you couldn’t really blame children for not wanting to eat it. Our vision is to produce food that we (and our children) love to eat and to share it with those who want the same for their families. At the same time we continue to make conscious decisions to apply lean practices to our farm that will enable us to excel in farming practices, be more efficient, eliminate waste and produce good growth.

The Farm

Situated in the beautiful Mountain River, at the foot of Sleeping Beauty, is our farm where lots of change has been happening. When we bought the land in 2019, not much was growing – there was no diversity, some areas were waterlogged while others were bone dry and there was no infrastructure.

Our dream of not only repairing the soil, but starting to regenerate it, has kept us going ever since. It has been a steep learning curve (and continues to be), but the changes that we are seeing on our farm have exceeded our wildest expectations!

We now have 5 dairy cows, sheep, laying hens, meat chickens and pigs on rotational grazing as well as a market garden and 8000 strawberry plants in production.

Our aim with every new addition to our farm is to produce for ourselves first – when we are satisfied with the quality, we start sharing with the community. We currently provide produce to our local community and two local restaurants.