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Elicia Casey-Winter

Elicia Casey-Winter

The Farmers

Elicia grew up in Southern Tasmania, left home to study in London and Melbourne during her early 20’s before returning home. She then ran a small business for 5 years before realising her dream of becoming a food grower. In 2019 Elicia completed her Permaculture Design Certificate with Good Life Permaculture, in 2021 studied a Diploma of Sustainable Living at UTAS, specialising in plant science and global/local food production systems. She began working at Government House 18 months ago and loves working on her passion!

Elicia lives on a 1-acre property in Southern Tasmania with her partner Amos, their kelpie Luca, many chickens and her parents in-laws, who have built a house on their property. An example of sustainability focused intergenerational living with food production at the heart of the property’s design.

The Farm

Elicia is the food production grower at Government House Tasmania, growing food for the Government House kitchen and community programs such as the School Food Matters Program in conjunction with Eat Well Tasmania and Loaves and Fishes. She currently looks after a 2500sqm area including a market garden with a polytunnel, greenhouse, citrus orchard/chook yard, berry enclosure, nut orchard, heirloom French garden and a community garden space. 

Elicia uses an ecological approach to growing food, valuing soil health and biodiversity. Permaculture techniques and principles are used throughout the food gardens and heavily influence the overall management of the space. Through the Sprout Producer Program she hopes to increase overall production and the quality of fruits and vegetables she produces, streamline processes and procedures, develop better waste management systems and engage with more of her community. She also hopes to be able to produce the majority of the inputs and soil amendments on-site and be able to showcase organic, biological approaches to farming. 

Elicia also hopes to grow nutrient dense food and share her knowledge and passion with her community. Her role also includes hosting produce tours, school groups, community volunteers and training horticulturists. She wants to advocate for small scale farmers, educate kids and adults about where their food comes from, and explore how we can grow a sustainable food future.

Elicia wants to be a part of a local and global movement that promotes sustainable food systems and positive social movements that aim to bring about meaningful change.