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Lalla Valley Farm

Rowan and Lauren Frost


The Farmer

Lalla Valley farm came to be after Lauren and Rowan purchased a small farm in 2017. They slowly realized that they had just purchased a very large front lawn that required love and attention and that they wanted to do something with the land. Their strong passion for improving the environment and quality food that doesn’t rely on synthetic fertilizers or herbicides has lead them to their current status as garlic and lamb farmers.

Rowan is a 2nd generation farmer, having grown up in the Otway ranges of Victoria on a Protea and Australian native flower farm. He has worked in the arboriculture and engineering industries and brings skills from both these areas to the farm, along with a strong passion for improving our environment for future generations.

Lauren grew up in rural Tasmania, spending her childhood on her Pops mixed grazing and cropping farm in Kindred. She is a registered nurse, mother and farmer that can lend her hand to most things.

With our combined passion for small farms, the environment and good food we aim to produce beautiful produce and develop lasting relationships with all the people who support us.

The Farm

Lalla Valley Farm is a small family-owned farm run by Lauren and Rowan, located in the beautiful north east of Tasmania. We produce garlic and prime lamb using regenerative and sustainable practices.

Producing primarily Dunganski and Tasmanian purple garlic in a small market garden style operation, our garlic is grown using all natural or certified organic inputs. We use long crop rotations to reduce disease within our crop and grow green manure and fodder crops in the resting beds, aiming to always have something growing in the soil. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

We are building up a small flock of Wiltipol sheep to produce prime lamb, with 70 head on the property currently. Our focus is on animal welfare and improving the environment through our grazing and management practices. We have transitioned our farm to regenerative grazing with paddocks undergoing extended rest periods which reduces our reliance on drenches and improves soil structure and nutrients by increasing soil organic content. We aim to produce beautiful lean prime lamb for sale direct to consumer.