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Preston Ridge Free Range Pork

Stella Vorster & David Mecoy


The Farmers

Both David and Stella are passionate about animals and nature.  They want to live “with” the land rather than just “on” it and although they own the property we see ourselves as “caretakers” – of the land and the animals.

They want to live as close to nature as possible – the only way it should be.  They opted for the “regenerative farming method” where the soil health is our first and utmost priority as they believe if the soil is healthy then anything we plant will be healthy and have maximum nutrition, the animals will eat healthy, be healthy and their meat will be healthy and the consumer will eat healthy meat.  They are learning more and more every day about how we can achieve this.  They don’t use any chemicals on our soil or our animals and believe “health” starts with them there on the farm.

They currently have pigs, sheep and cattle (pigs being the primary focus) and the dream is to have 3 protein sources available to the consumer in 2024. 

The Farm

At the top of the water source, on an island at the bottom of the world is a little place called Preston. It’s here, on a farm in the hillside that farmers David and Stella dedicate themselves to growing free-range pigs. We don’t bother our pigs with artificial chemicals or hormones and don’t feed them processed grains, because when you live in a place known for its rich soils and fresh environment, it already provides you with all the nutrition that the pigs are looking for. It’s this dedication and commitment to being free range, fresh and pasture feed, that gives our pork the little taste of Preston heaven you’ve been looking for. Preston Ridge Free Range Pork, the only way it should be.

The Preston Ridge Free Range Pork Brand showcases the livestock and the land on which they live, together. At Preston Ridge Farm our pigs forage freely over 140 acres of lush, fertile farmland with access to clean spring-fed waterways. They live the natural way, and the result tastes better because of it.

This Brand tells the story, highlights the way they live and the place they come from.  Preston Ridge piggies roam the expansive fields as they please, helping themselves to fresh, maximum nutritional and tasty pastures from the land.  They have outdoor access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – they are not stuck in a barn.  They are stress-free, supple, flavoursome and happy!

At Preston Ridge our focus is upon the health of the soil and the best possible nutrition for our pigs through responsible regenerative farming techniques.

We want to bring our delicious tasting and healthy meat direct to the customer, therefore we are selling at Farmers Markets (Devonport and Deloraine), through Tasmanian Produce Collective and privately.