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Tasmanian Buffalo

Phillip Oates and Sheridan Lee


The Farmers

The Farm

The Tasmanian Buffalo herd originates back to 1997, when three cows & one bull were imported into the state from Victoria.  At this stage the herd was based in Oyster Cove, South of Hobart, and consisted of Swamp Buffalo.  Over the years the herd grew, to the point where more land was required. 

In 2010 96 acres was purchased in the rolling hills of South Preston, 22km inland from Ulverstone.  Over the years our herd has expanded to over 50 head thus far, with additions continually occurring due to our successful breeding program.

Our herd combines the dairy (Riverine) and the meat (Swamp) buffalo.  Our breeding program utilises Italian bloodlines, which is a premium milk source.

Our cows are raised locally and enjoy a holistic diet consisting of lush pasture grasses and supplemented by hay sourced from their own paddocks as required.  No hormones, no additives.  Each one is known by name and they love a bit of attention and a scratch.

The milking process is as for any cow dairy, although the buffalo take longer to milk and give substantially less than Friesians/Jerseys.  As buffalo are large animals (average 700kg) we custom made the dairy to suit the buffalo.  The butterfat is around 10% and the white cell count remarkably low compared to other dairy breeds.