SPP update

The Sprout Producers recently kicked off their first round of Field Days for 2016 with an action-packed weekend in the north of the State.

Day 1 saw a group of scholarship recipients and Sprout team members visit Christine's farm, Glendale Olives, in White Hill. Christine is completing the program this year due to a scholarship from The Source - MONA.
With more than 11,000 olive trees, Christine's property is one of the largest olive farms in Tasmania. Her family have been farming the area for generations, but it was only three years ago that Christine bought the olive farm. She's now making award-winning olive oil and is currently perfecting recipes for table olives.
Day 2 saw the group head to Justin's property in Exeter, where plans are under way to create a heritage pear orchard called Glen Ard Mohr Estate. The property is currently home to Justin's cows, goats, ducks and two massive dogs. Justin has been fortunate to receive a scholarship from Hill Street Grocer
The group were lucky to be joined by some of the SPP 2015 graduates, who added their knowledge and experience to the weekend's conversations.
Field Days are a core part of the Sprout Producer Program, offering practical, on-farm experiences to share information, ideas and passion. Collectively we learn and inspire each other.
The group are already looking forward to the next round of Field Days (if only because hosts Cheryl and Kirk Forrest have promised to share the gin they've made from sloe berries gathered on Christine's farm!).

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