Sprout Producer Program

We are thrilled to welcome the 2017 cohort of Sprout Producer Scholarship recipients into the program.  We have already kicked off the year with our first weekend of field days, and it was such an incredible weekend getting to know everyone and spending time talking about two of the producers' properties and their journey so far and plans for the future.


Dave and Cassandra Rolph - Deep End Farm, Geeveston

Two years into moving to our property in Geeveston we are just starting to have a productive output from the property. Its our intention to be a small, sustainable mixed producer. We’d like to refine that vision and build a brand around our property.



Greg Herron - Highmarsh, Jackeys Marsh

We have 140ha of marginal country in Jackeys Marsh, about 85ha of which is potentially viable farmland for pasture or cropping. The remainder is made up of rough or swampy ground and native forest under covenant.

Our primary goal for the next twelve months is to have high quality pork and lamb product ready to sell direct to our local community. Eventually, beef as well.

Everything on the farm is done on organic principals. We are off grid using solar and wind for our electricity needs. I believe in the concepts of paddock to plate, low food miles and environmentally sustainable food production. These three thing have the potential to improve the happiness and health of people, the welfare of the animals we farm and the long term outlook for planet we live on.


Hermione Hickling - Longley Organic Farm, Longley

We are passionate about providing high quality, sustainably grown, seasonal organic food to the local community, connecting people with the production of the food they eat, and supporting them to grow their own food.

Longley Organic Farm produces a range of seasonal organic vegetables, and berries to local food cooperatives and organic retail outlets, as well as selling directly from our farm gate. We also make and sell Jam to many retail outlets, including Hill St grocer.

We also produce and sell food plants and regenerative soil inputs to support others in our community to grow food and regenerate the land. A recent development is a Soil Analysis and tailored Complete Organic Fertiliser service which we deliver in collaboration with a local Soil Agronomist.


Lisa Britzman & David Peck - Campo de Flori, Glen Huon

We pride ourselves on being a sustainable farm. We currently implement biological farming techniques on the property. Our workshop was designed to be sensitive to its surroundings using passive design and “Green” materials in construction. This will enable us to sustainably run the business. Our goal is that the actions of the farm will have a positive, restorative and regenerative effect on the natural environment of the property rather than merely limiting the damage we do to it. We have restored a dam, a wetland and a stream that were found on historic aerial photos. We believe that this ethos will create top quality farm products.

We currently have four crops under production: olives, saffron, garlic and lavendar.



Marco Linardi & Vicki Crichton - Lauriston Grove, South Arm

The 50 acre property situated in South Arm has 1/2km ocean frontage, has wetlands (amazing bird life) that we draw fresh water from which irrigates our 20yr old olive grove of 1200 trees. Under our name, Lauriston Grove we are a small boutique producer of EVOO and produce very fine olive oil winning silver Medal in 2016 Royal Hobart fine foods awards. We have established methods of potentially producing small commercial table olives which we would like to explore, along with agri-tourism opportunities which has some real potential on our spectacular property.




Rachel Jacka - Guide Falls Farm, Ridgley

I believe that small scale farming is the future for access to quality, reasonably priced produce with low carbon miles. I brought Guide Falls Farm on the North West Coast of Tasmania a little over a year ago and I want to be known for exceptional produce that has been ethically and organically produced. I want to supply our farm produce, produced with hard work and love to as many people as possible, educating them on sustainable and ethical food production along the way!

I have a small herd (25) of Dexter cattle, free range pigs (17) sheep (10) and egg laying and meat chickens (100+) as well as a burgeoning vegetable patch. I am interested in being a producer with one degree of separation between me and my consumer. I want my customers to know me personally, engage with our farm and our lives and to support the farmers living in their community. I want to produce ethically raised, free range, pastured animal products.




SPP Field days

We recently held our first two Sprout Producer field days, at Deep End Farm and Lauriston Grove. Here are some snaps you may enjoy.


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