Three Peaks Organic

The Farm

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Three Peaks Organics Blueberry Farm grows organic blueberries in Holwell, Tasmania. 

They select special varieties to grow which produce some of the plumpest, best tasting blueberries you will ever have. They sell them fresh during the season, freeze dried and frozen all year round. Currently 95% of their produce goes to the mainland, however customers can also buy direct from their farm gate. In the next 2-3 years they are looking to expand their blueberry production and develop their organic range of different produce.

Their freeze-drying system is a safe gentle process that begins with freezing their freshly harvested blueberries. The frozen blueberries are then placed in a vacuum chamber under low heat. The frozen water crystals in the blueberries evaporate directly from ice to water vapour which is then removed from the vacuum chamber leaving the freeze dried blueberries behind. Simply put, freeze-drying their blueberries removes the water from their fruit but leaves behind all the fibre and vitamins and minerals in the fruit. It also leaves behind all the fruit goodness and an amazing intensified flavour. 

The Farmers


Three Peaks Organics Blueberry Farm is run by Trish MacFarlane and John Caldwell. 

Their farm wasn’t using chemicals, sprays or fertilisers, so it seemed like a natural progression for them to become organic, achieving certified organic status late in 2015. They base their growing principles around taste rather than yields and are currently updating their brand and value adding in order to achieve a sustainable farm which has produce to sell throughout the year. 

When we asked Trish back in 2016 what her dream was, she said her one wish was simple. That one day, instead of everyone else’s children or grandchildren, just maybe one day it will be hers who are now standing in front of an audience with a tale to tell about their slightly crazy mother who had a dream. She packed up her 3 kids and her life and went to live in another state to start up a very small, very run down family farm.  What a beautiful dream!

The Essentials

Contact names: Trish MacFarlane and John Caldwell

Email: [email protected]