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Who is Sprout

Sprout Tasmania is a not-for-profit that is volunteer supported. We strive to change the conversation about local food systems and support local producers to grow and farm ethically and sustainably for their community & the environment.


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About Sprout

We are Tasmania’s only grassroots group helping aspiring farmers turn their ideas into thriving, sustainable small businesses. Since commencing in 2011, Sprout has supported the success of a wide variety of entrepreneurs, from all walks of life and all over the state.

Our programs are practical, useful and successful and offers real-world learning, networking and growth opportunities. Backed by a wealth of expertise, Sprout’s board of directors and many volunteer supporters, we provide a year-round calendar of events for small producers and growers to connect, learn and grow.


We represent our members within political, economic and social systems, taking issues & ideas to the table.


The Sprout Producer Program is a one year program which includes education, farm field days, workshops and networking to support and develop producers to prosper and farm sustainably.

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The Sprout Hub is a members only centre for education and resources. Here you can access farming and business courses, discover recorded webinars and 101 factsheets, and chat with peers using our forum.

Our Team

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Who supports us

Sprout Tasmania is a non-profit organisation, supported by community donations and sponsors as well as the Tasmanian State Government.