Listen to Christie, one of our SPP farmers for 2022, being interviewed on ABC's Country Hour

Who we are

Sprout Tasmania exists to change the conversation about local food systems and to support local producers to grow and market ethical, sustainably produced food that supports thriving local economies and the environment.

What we do

  • Empower small scale producers to farm sustainably, locally and ethically.
  • Bring people together to share knowledge, feel connected and learn.
  • Bolster the pillars that support the local food system in Tasmania
  • Advocate for the challenges, needs and ideas of producers
  • Collaborate with industry and government to innovate and find solutions.

What are the outcomes

  • A secure local food system
  • Economic benefits to regional communities
  • Positive wellbeing outcomes for farmers
  • Less waste in the food supply chain
  • Positive impact on climate change
  • Improved soil health for generations to come

If you are passionate about these things too, please support us with a donation so we can keep making an impact right here in Tasmania. 

Our small scale producer survey summary report is now available!

Here is a sample of some of things we discovered...





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