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Small Producer SurveyS

In 2021 Sprout Tasmania applied for and received funding from the State Government (DPIPWE) in order to undertake a survey of the small scale producer sector in Tasmania. 

In 2023 Sprout Tasmania received additional funding from the State Government (NRE) that allowed them to conduct a second survey to build an ongoing picture of your contribution to the state and to learn how the collective Tasmanian agricultural and food community can support you to overcome challenges and realise opportunities.

We would like to thank everyone involved in both surveys, Leah Galvin for her amazing project management, Holly Webber for her sensational info-graphic expertise, Don Thompson for his assistance in 2021, and you as the dedicated producers who took the time to complete this survey. Thanks also to the Tasmanian Government for supporting our surveys and in turn supporting the small scale producer sector in Tasmania.